Hi there its me again talking about pandas. (:

Our friend the red panda (right) is different than our friend the giant panda (below and left). Red pandas aren’t  really pandas and they are sort of like racoons so they are kind of their own species even though they’re known as the red PANDA . Even though it’s only sort of a panda I’m still going to talk about it.

Red pandas like cool places with LOTS of yummy bamboo sticks, yum! Red Pandas also eat a various number of plants including bamboo, flowers, bird eggs, and probably lots of other stuff too. Red pandas are an endangered species. (

Now lets talk about GIANT pandas (below left). They live in a forest with LOTS of yummy bamboo. They eat grasses, small rodents like mice and things, and lets not forget the great awesome AMAZING bamboo. (: Pandas are bears but they DON’T hibernate like most bears. Pandas spend most of their day eating and resting. Sounds like a good life to me! 😉

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